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March 14 - Garden News[-Title-]

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January 14 - City Gardening[-Title-]

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December 13 - City Gardening[-Title-]

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November 13 - City Gardening[-Title-]

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October 13 - City Gardening[-Title-]

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September 13 - City Gardening[-Title-]

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August 2013 - City Gardening[-Title-]

August 2013 - Garden News[-Title-]

Duffer - a psuedo addiction Aug 13[-Title-]

Duffer - Survival in the desert June 13[-Title-]

January 2013 - City Gardening[-Title-]

January 2013 - Garden News[-Title-]

Duffer - Merry Christmas - or else Dec 2012[-Title-]

December 2012 - City Gardening[-Title-]

December 2012 - Garden News[-Title-]

November 2012 - City Gardening[-Title-]

November 2012 - Garden News[-Title-]

Duffer - Stories our Father told Oct 12[-Title-]

October 2012 - City Gardening[-Title-]

October 2012 - Garden News[-Title-]

September 2012 - City Gardening[-Title-]

September 2012 - Garden News[-Title-]

August 2012 - City Gardening[-Title-]

August 2012 - Garden News[-Title-]

Duffer - Tolerance, weve come a long way Aug 2012[-Title-]

July 2012- City Gardening[-Title-]

July 2012 - Garden News[-Title-]

June 2012 - City Gardening[-Title-]

June 2012 - Garden News[-Title-]

Duffer - Tax-eee! June 2012[-Title-]

Duffer - Take these jobs and May 2012[-Title-]

May 2012 - City Gardening[-Title-]

May 2012 - Garden News[-Title-]

Duffer - Growing older today vs. yesterday March 2012[-Title-]

Duffer - Feb 2012 If I had $9.8 billion[-Title-]

April 2012 - City Gardening[-Title-]

April 2012 - Garden News[-Title-]

March 2012 - City Gardening[-Title-]

March 2012 - Garden News[-Title-]

February 2012 - City Gardening[-Title-]

February 2012 - Garden News[-Title-]

January 2012 - City Gardening[-Title-]

January 2012 - Garden News[-Title-]

Duffer - Have a very merry Concerned Christmas 11[-Title-]

Duffer - My son, the football player Oct 11[-Title-]

Duffer - You dont have to shovel this heat/ August 11[-Title-]

Duffer - Confessions of a would-be poutine addict 7/11[-Title-]

Duffer - Alas, Ill never be wooed into poetry May 11[-Title-]

Duffer - An eye opening vacation March 11[-Title-]

Duffer - Whos fooling who? Feb 11[-Title-]

Duffer - Hallowistmas - a fun time for shopping Nov 10[-Title-]

Duffer - the soccer dad Sept/Oct 2010[-Title-]

Duffer - A pictures worth 1,000 words July/August 2010[-Title-]

Duffer - Gardening, Alberta Style June 2010[-Title-]

Duffer - the high school reunion Jan/Feb 2010[-Title-]

Duffer - Equality of another kind April/May 2010[-Title-]

Duffer - toys arent like they used to be Nov/Dec 09[-Title-]

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Lesco Fertilizer Spreader - 101186 High Wheel

Lesco Fertilizer Spreader. The choice of professional landscapers and the industry standard spreader.

Lesco High Wheel Fertilizer Spreader:  The professional choice to spread fertilizer and salt

Trimmer Racks

Secure your trimmers. These Trimmer Racks will stop thieves, prevent damage and free up space in your truck or trailer.

Trimmer Racks for landscaping trucks or trailers.

Shurflo SRS-600 ProPack Backpack Sprayer

4 Gallon Electric Backpack Sprayer with a maximum vertical throw of 15 feet

Shurflo electric backpack sprayer. SRS 600

Soaker Hose 1 - 50 & 100 Soaker Hose Pro Quality

Finally a soaker hose that will water the whole garden! Even with regular house pressure, this professional quality soaker hose can water up to a mile in length - 50, 100 ft. lengths.

Even with regular house pressure, this professional quality soaker hose can water up to a mile in length.

Hypro D30 Pump (also known as the AR 30 ) 9910-D30

High performance and versatile diaphragm pump at a very competitive price. 8.5 GPM, 580 psi. Free shipping (no handling, no hidden fees)

Hypro D30 pump - many uses - this pump is a workhorse.

JRCO Tine Rake Dethatcher - Front Mount

JRCO Dethatcher for mowers: Tine rake available in 36, 46, and 60 widths. Includes Mount Bar.

Front-mounted Riding Lawn Mower Tine Rake Dethatcher - Available in 36, 46, 60 widths.


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