Swan Assembly



24" Mossed Swan Assembly Instructions


Illustration A

Package Contents:

  • Swan Body
  • Swan Neck
  • Left & Right Wings
  • Black UV Cable Ties
  • Packing material, (includes- paper and clear-bagged eco fiber.)



Tools Required:

  • Wire cutters or scissors
  • Flat Head Screwdriver




Illustration B


Illustration C


Illustration D


Illustration E


Illustration F



Step One

Ensure your package contains the necessary assembly hardware and all the required sections of your topiary. You can recycle or compost your packaging materials. The Eco-Fiber is an all nature wood fiber product with excellent moisture retaining qualities. You may find a use for it in your garden. (See Illustration A)

Step Two

With the body of the swan on a solid, flat surface, take the neck/head and align the heavy gauge frame wires. (See Illustration B)

Step Three

You will be using a criss-cross pattern when attaching sections with the supplied UV Cable Ties (See Illustration C  The Dark black lines represent the heavy gauge frame wires and the light gray lines represent the UV Cable Ties)

Step Four

Using the suggested criss-cross pattern with the cables ties, use 2 ties on the top portion of the body  neck connection. Do not pull the cable ties tight at this point. Leaving them loose will allow you to adjust the alignment of all sections as you work. With these two ties loosely in place continue work your way around the body neck connection until you have used 2 ties on the top, bottom, left and right sides (for a total of 8 ties). (See Illustration D)

Step Five

Once all 8 ties are in place, tighten each cable tie a little bit at a time ensuring that the heavy gauge wires stay in alignment. Pulling a single cable tight in one motion may cause the neck to slightly rotate which will cause the body neck alignment to be incorrect. Once all ties are completely tightened, cut excess ties using your wire cutters or scissors.

Step Six

Attaching the wings. We can start by using the left wing (the left and right wings are different in that there is circle of heavy gauge wire on the insides of the wings. The feathers of the wings are on the back/bottom portion of the wing). (You can start with which ever wing you choose, but for ease of clarity, we are starting with the left - See Illustration E) There are two hooks on the top of the ring on the inside of the wing. These hooks will rest over top of the heavy gauge wire ring that is on the side of the body. There is an adjustable screw on the bottom of the heavy gauge wire ring on each side of the body. This screw will snap or hook onto the inside of the bottom of the wire ring that is on the wing. The wings when installed will sit at an approximate 30 degree angle. (Note: We test fit each section prior to shipping, but you may find that a slight adjustment of this screw may be required to ensure a perfect connection. This can be easily done using your flat head screwdriver.)

Step Seven

With the wing held in place with the two hooks and adjustable screw, you can use one or two cable ties to securely hold the wing in place. We have chosen to use one tie on the bottom portion of the wing (See Illustration F) to simply help prevent movement. Ensure that you are using the heavy gauge wires and not the lighter gauge moss wires (which hold the moss into the form) when using the cable ties to secure sections in place. The moss wires have too much play and may cause movement or even damage to your form.

Step Eight

Repeat Steps Six (6) and Seven (7) for the other wing.

Step Nine

With all the sections now secure held in place you can use you wire cutters or scissors to cut off any excess from the cable ties. Using the wire cutters you can push the exposed cut end of the cable tie into the moss or form to ensure a clean, aesthetically pleasing finished topiary.


Your Completed Swan.

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