Miniature Garden Container Ideas


Our Garden Miniatures allows you to add some personality and charm to your miniature garden. These garden miniatures allows you to be original and create a garden that no one else will have - small or large!

All you need is a little imagination and some creativity to make a mini garden. What is nice about our variety of garden miniatures is that you can build a miniatures garden that suites your personality and reflects the type of person you are.

You can plant your mini garden with real natural plants and flowers or mix with artificial plants to make it fit perfectly with your miniatures and garden container. You can make themed tablescapes, build a miniature garden within an existing garden, Zen gardens, miniature garden boxes as well as living garden containers.

First choose the Garden Miniatures that you want, once you have them in front of you it will be easier to organize and judge the final pot, flower, plant and moss size you will need. Choose a garden container fill it with soil leaving enough room to plant house plants, moss, and other florals. After you have filled it with soil, take your Garden Miniatures and place them in the pot where you would like them to be. After finalizing where you want your miniatures, it is now to time to design your landscape. Take the moss and plants that you have purchased from your local greenhouse and lay them where you want them in the pot to accentuate your miniatures. Finalize, remove miniatures and begin planting! After planting place back on your Garden Miniatures and your design is complete.

These mini garden containers planted at Rittenhouse uses real plants mixed in with ground moss and artificial flowers.

Mini Cottage Country Garden Container:

This mini cottage country garden container was created using The Woodland Cottage, Mini Bee Skep Garden Pick, Mini Garden Edging, Set of 3 Tiny Pots, Mini Antique Lantern and Mini Scrolled Hook. A mini pathway with stones was created with artificial flowers lining up it leading to the doorway of the Woodland Cottage. The Mini Scrolled Hook and Mini Antique Lantern was placed near the Woodland Cottage to "light" up its pathway and front yard. Placed along side the edge of the garden container was the Mini Garden Edging to create a fence line. Lavender was planted in the corner to appear like smaller trees as well as creeping plants to look like bushes. An evergreen sapling was perfect for this mini woodland and was planted in behind the Woodland Cottage. The Mini Bee Skep Garden Pick was placed beside it to appear like a beehive. Finished off with the 3 Tiny Pots waiting to be filled by gnomes and fairies who live in your mini woodland cottage country.

Mini Orchard Arbor Garden Container:

This mini orchard arbor garden container was created using The Orchard Arbor, Mini Antique Garden Bench, and a Birdbath Garden Pick. This container was made with a simple design of hens and chickens circling the rim of the container as well as bushes created with moss placed on opposites sides. Ground moss was cut into a circular shape where the Mini Antique Bench was placed on as well as the Birdbath Garden Pick behind it. Finished off elegantly with the Orchard Arbor to create a cozy elegant mini garden.

This video will help give you some ideas on where to start when creating a mini garden container or box.

** We do not carry some products shown in this video **

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Miniature Garden Edging

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Miniature Scrolled Garden Hook

The Mini Scrolled Garden Hook is a wonderful addition to mini garden containers for hanging mini baskets and lanterns.


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