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Rittenhouse Sprayers have been manufacturing sprayers since 1914. We specialize in lawn and tree care, agriculture, greenhouse and golf course spraying equipment.

Rittenhouse customers benefit from our history and knowledge, huge buying power, large inventory and great prices. At Rittenhouse our quality is second to none. Where other manufacturers cut corners to reduce the cost, our belief is: Use high quality components and design sprayers for durability, ease of use and serviceability.

Below you will find links to view a description or purchase complete sprayers or parts for existing sprayers. You can also use the search function in the upper right hand corner. We provide manuals and parts breakdowns for your pump, as well as other technical information.

To view the sprayer to the right - The NEW 200 Gallon Space Saver, click anywhere on this link

The NEW 200 Gallon Space Saver Sprayer

Lawn, Turf and Golf Course Sprayers

Skid Mount Turf Sprayers

Perma Green Sprayer

Trailed Sprayers

Walk Behind Sprayers

Windfoil Sprayers

Golf Course Sprayers

Watering Equipment

Tree Sprayers

Lower Height Tree Sprayer - 240 Gallon - Skid Mounted

Medium Height Tree Sprayer - 240 Gallon - Skid Mounted

High Height Tree Sprayer - 240 Gallon - Skid Mounted

Trailed Sprayer - High Pressure 900 Litre (240 US Gal)

High Pressure Tree Kit

Rittenhouse 500 Gallon Tree Sprayer

High Height Tree Spray Kit - Hypro Pump & 20 hp Honda Engine

Udor / Kappa High Flow Pump & Briggs Engine Assembly

Trailer Mounted 500 Gallon Tank

High Performance Tree Sprayer 240G Skid Mount Medium Height

Udor Kappa 120/GR & Honda 24 HP Engine Assembly

Udor / Kappa 150/GR & Honda 24 HP Engine Assembly

Airblast Vineyard, Nursery and Orchard Sprayers

GB Clio 650 Air Blast Sprayer

Vineyard Shroud

GB 300L & 400L 3PTH Air Blast Sprayers

GB Expo 1100 Litre Air Blast Sprayer

3PTH - 3 Point Hitch Tractor Mounted and Trailer Sprayer

3 Point Hitch Sprayer Kit

Rittenhouse 113 Litre / 30 US Gal 3PTH Sprayer

Rittenhouse 400 Litre 3PTH Sprayer

Rittenhouse 100 Gallon Trailer Sprayer

Rittenhouse 200 Gallon Trailer Sprayer

Raspberry/Blueberry/Vineyard Sprayer

Greenhouse and Interior Sprayers

Hydraulic Greenhouse Sprayers

ULV Sprayers & Foggers

Greenhouse Spray Guns

Utility, Estate, UTV and ATV Sprayers

Raspberry/Blueberry/Vineyard Sprayer

100 Litre Commercial Estate Sprayer

200 Liter Utility Sprayer

Economical Spot Sprayers

AgriEase 10 gallon Portable Spot Sprayer

SnowEx LES-TL80 Lesco Push Sprayer

Backpack & Hand Held Sprayers

Horticultural Backpack and Hand Can Sprayers

Construction Sprayers & Industrial Sprayers

Sprayer by Application

No Pumping! Sprayers You Do Not Pump

Backpack Sprayer Parts Lists

Mosquito and Pest Control Sprayers & Accessories

Mosquito Eliminator

Mosquito Less 20L & Mosquito Control Kit

Solo 451 Backpack Mist Blower

Mosquito Control Kit

Swingfog SN50 Portable Fog Generator

Hudson Ultra-Low Volume Sprayer

Atomist Sprayer

Hudson Atomist Electric Fogger - ULV

Skid Mounted Lawn Sprayer 189 Litre (50 US Gal)

Pest Control Sprayer 55 Litre (15 US Gal)

Swingtec Twinstar Electric Cold Fogger

Swingtec Turbostar Electric Cold Fogger - SAVE 20%

Swingtec Compactstar Cold Fogger

High Pressure 12 Volt Skid Sprayer - 50 Gallon

Telescoping Wash and Spray Wand

DynaTrap - Mosquito Control

Mosquito Barrier

Propane Insect Fogger

Skeeter Defeater - Mosquito Control

Mosquito - Less 900 ml / Garlic based natural product

De-icing Equipment | Liquid Deicer Sprayers

Liquid De-Icing Equipment - De-Ice Skid Sprayers

Granular De-icing Equipment & Salt Spreaders

Walk Behind & Hand Held Liquid De-icing Sprayers

De-Icing Sprayer Kits

Sprayer Kits - Do it Yourself with Components

Sprayer Pump & Motor Assemblies

Spray Boom Kits

Agitation Kits

Pumps - Pumps, Pump Parts and Pressure Regulators

Comet Pumps & Comet Pump Parts

Delavan Pumps

Hypro Pumps & Hypro Pump Parts

IP (Imovilli Pompe)

General Pumps

Shurflo Pumps - 12 Volt and 115 Volt Shurflo Agricultural Pumps

Udor Pumps & Udor Pump Parts

Miscellaneous Control Valves and Control Valve Parts


Everflo Pumps - 12 Volt Diaphragm

Chlorine Compatible Diaphragm Pumps

CDS-John Blue 12 Volt Diaphragm Pump Speed Controller

CAT Pump Parts

Sprayer Nozzles, Caps, Strainers, Nozzle Body, Clamps

TeeJet Nozzles

TeeJet Nozzle Caps - Quick Cap and Threaded

Teejet Nozzle Tip Strainers and Check Valves

Orchard, Vineyard and Nursery Nozzle Tips & Bodies

Hypro Spray Tips and Nozzles

Lurmark, Arag and ProFlo - Hypro Nozzle Bodies and Caps

TeeJet Nozzle Bodies for Turf and Boom

Boominator Nozzles

Camlock Nozzle Bodies


Nozzle Tip Maintenance and Testing

Boomless Spray Nozzles

Sprayer Parts & Components

Spray Booms, Boomless Nozzles and Boom Accessories

Tanks, Tank Parts & Accessories

Arag Boom Spray Systems and Components

Manual Pressure Relief Valves, Regulators

Suction Filters - Teejet Line Strainers

Banjo Polypropylene Y Strainers

Valves and Solenoids for Spray Booms


Foam Markers

Hose Reels

Coxreels Hose Reels

Garden Hose Reels

GB Style Hose Reel

Hannay Hose Reels

Hose Reel Accessories

Liberty Hose Reels

Reelcraft Hose Reels

Spray Hose - Spraying Equipment Hose and Tubing

Hoses for Spray Equipment

Hose Accessories

Hose by Application

Sprayer Accessories

Sprayer Safety Items

Sprayer Calibration & Testing

Foam Markers

Charging, Mixing and Transfer Systems

Spray Applicators

Tree Spray Guns & Applicators

Weed Spray Guns

Lawn and Turf Spray Guns

Spray Booms and Boomless Widespray Nozzles

Hand Held and Swipe Applicators

Spray Gun Accessories


Deep Watering Spikes / Tree Watering Stakes

201-RF Root Feeder for JD9 Spray Gun - Chemlance

Rootfeeder & Soil Injector with or without Flow Meter

Webster Deep Root Feeder

Rittenhouse RF-3000 Rootfeeder & Soil Injector

Tree Root Injector

Natural Insect, Bird and Mosquito Control




Iron Based Fertilizer / Fiesta Application Products

Iron/Fiesta - Stainless Steel Replacement D30 Pump Flange

IronJet / FiestaJet Gun - Spray Gun

FiestaJet Spot Spray Gun

Pestjet Professional Injection Gun

Shurflo SRS-600 ProPack Backpack Sprayer

SP Farm and Home Hand Can Sprayers

SP1 Backpack Sprayer

New Style IronJet/Fiesta Spot Spray Gun

Stainless Steel Quick Couplers

Ceramic Spray Tip Assembly For Iron Based Products

Organic Weed Control

Infra-Weeder Eliminator & Dandy-Destroyer

Weed Twister

Wick Weeder Herbicide Applicator - Drift-Free Applicator

Lesco Spread Rite Spreader

Weed Dragon Home & Garden Torch Kits

BeetJet / Fiesta Gun - Beet Juice / Fiesta Spray Gun

Mini Weed Dragon Garden & Weed Torch Kit

Weeding Brush by Hudson

Applicators for Granular Spot Treatment

Granular Flick Stick Applicator

Granular Dispenser / Backpack Applicator

Perfect-a-Feed Granular Backpack

Fertilizer Dispenser / Backpack Applicator - Fertil Dispenser

Perfect-a-Feed Handheld Dispenser

Name Brands



Birchmeier Sprayer

Chapin Sprayers

Comet Pumps

Cox Reel

Cub Cadet

Delavan Pumps

Hannay Reels




Solo Professional

TeeJet - Spraying Systems

Udor Pumps


Kawasaki KRB750B Backpack Blower - Sale price

PortaPump and PortaVibe

Skid Loader Heavy Duty Brush Grubber

Kawasaki Handheld String Trimmer KTF27B

GPI FM-300H Chemical Meters

GPI TM PVC Water Flow Meters

GPI 03N Flow Meter Nylon Electronic Digital Water

GPI 01 Series Aluminum Electronic Digital Fuel Meters


GPI Refurbished 2 Inch Flow Meters 2 Available

Hannay Hose Reel End Plates - Set of two

Hypro D70 with PTO kit

Swingtec Turbostar Electric Cold Fogger - SAVE 20%

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 Featured Items

Chapin 100lb Salt and Icemelt Spreader - 82108

Professional Series 82108 with Metal Gears, Stainless Steel frame and 100 lb hopper capacity


Brine Maker 250 Gallon

Make your own brine with salt and water. Turbo Turf 250 gal brine maker


Thermo Heated Hose

These Thermo Heated Hoses are NOT FDA Approved for Human drinking water. Hoses must be detached when water is not flowing.

Heated Hose

Maple Sugaring - Tapping Your Trees

Metal Bucket Starter Kit contains 3 Aluminum Buckets, 3 Metal Lids, a Maple Sugaring at Home Book, 3 Spiles, 3 Hooks, a Drill Bit and Cheesecloth for filtering.


100 Gal Unifit Electric De-Icing Applicator

100 Gal Electric Ice Control Sprayer


Earthway 2130 - for Salt or Ice Melt

The Earthway High Output Walk Behind Spreader 2130 for Spreading Salt and Ice Melt
Also good for Spreading Compost and Top Dressing.

Top Dresser & Compost Spreader


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