Chapin Sprayers

Leading North American manufacturer of sprayers, located in New York State. We are proud to be a distributor Chapin Sprayers for home, garden, industrial and construction uses.

Chapin has been one of the leaders worldwide for compressed air sprayers since 1902.

Chapin sprayers are ideally used for all spraying needs in both the summer and autumn. You can use your sprayers for weed control, pest control, and liquid fertilizing just to name a few.

Chapin 19149 Construction Concrete Sprayer - Metal Tank Dripless Nozzle

Chapin 19149 concrete sprayer with durable metal tank and new dripless nozzle. Industrial and Construction sprayer.

Chapin 19149 Dripless Concrete Sprayer

Chapin Dripless Shut-Off

Replacement Viton Xtreme Dripless Shut-Off with brass wand for Chapin Sprayers - does not include nozzle.


Chapin PremierXP Poly Sprayer 1 gallon model 21210XP

This is a 1 gallon Premier Wide Mouth Poly Sprayer. It is excellent for fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides and watering. Extended performance with 40 percent pump volume per stroke.


Chapin Premier Pro Sprayer 2 gallon

Chapins Premier XP Poly Sprayer 2 gallon wide mouth sprayer has Extended performance. It now has 40 percent pump volume per stroke.


Chapin Premier XP Poly Sprayer 3 gallon - 21230XP

This is a 3 gallon wide mouth poly sprayer with extended performance. It has 40 percent volume per stroke.


Chapin Professional Diaphragm Pump Sprayer 64800

From Chapin a Poly Backpack Sprayer - 4 gallon that is a diaphragm sprayer for wettable powders.


Chapin ProSeries 2 gallon 26021XP Sprayer

This Chapin 2 gallon Poly Pro Series Sprayer is the XP (extended performance) series. It now has 40 percent more pump volume per stroke.


Chapin ProSeries Backpack Sprayer 61800

Chapin 61800 Pro Series backpack sprayer, 4 gallon.

Chapin ProSeries BackPack Sprayer model 61800

Chapin Industrial Sprayer 1949

Chapin Industrial Sprayer, model 1949. Multi use 3.5 gallon sprayer.

Chapin model 1949 Industrial sprayer

Chapin ProSeries Handcan 26031

Chapin 26031 ProSeries Handcan sprayer has a 3 US gallon capacity and a heavy duty locking trigger.

Heavy Duty Locking Trigger.

Chapin 1999 Concrete Sprayer

The Chapin 1999 Concrete Sprayer will spray up to 30 - 35% solids.


Chapin Bleach & Disinfectant Backpack Sprayer 61575

Chapin Bleach & Disinfectant Backpack Sprayer 61575. For cleaning and disinfecting.
Perfect for removing mold from a roof!

Chapin Bleach & Disinfectant Sprayer 61575

Chapin Slide Sprayer 6002

Spray 40 feet in the air with this Chapin Slide Sprayer. Similar to a Trombone Sprayer.

Chapin Slide Sprayer 6002

Chapin Xtreme Industrial Concrete Sprayer 19049

Chapin Industrial and Construction sprayer. 19049 Very heavy duty sprayer!

19049 Chapin Sprayer, Construction Sprayer, concrete curing, form oil and sealing

Chapin Xtreme Industrial Concrete Sprayer with Dripless Shut-Off

The NEW Chapin Xtreme Industrial Concrete Sprayer can handle extreme chemicals and high concentrations of xylene, toluene, acetone, and naphtha and features a dripless shut-off.


Chapin 22149 Industrial Sprayer Dripless Nozzle

Chapin Xtreme Poly Sprayer 22149 Dripless Nozzle. Perfect for construction and industrial applications.

Chapin Xtreme Poly Sprayer 22149 Dripless Nozzle

Chapin Commercial Tree / Turf Pro Backpack Sprayer 61900

Chapins 61900 Tree / Turf Pro Commercial Backpack Chromed-Steel Wand Sprayer. A 4 gallon, backpack with pressure control of 15 - 60 PSI.


Chapin Commercial Tree / Turf Pro Backpack Sprayer 62000

A 4 gallon Backpack Sprayer from Chapin. It is the commercial grade Tree / Turf version 62000.


Chapin 1449 Industrial Concrete Sprayer

Industrial strength concrete sprayer made in the USA by Chapin. Sprays solids 30 -35 percent.

Chapin 1449 sprayer

Gate CFV Solutions C F Valve for All Backpack Sprayers

The Chapin CF Valve is used to control the spraying pressure of your Backpack. This reduces the waste of over spraying.

Brings Control to Your Spraying.

Round Up Sprayer - Chapin Roundup Pro Max Backpack

Use Roundup in this true 4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer. It has chemical resistant Viton o-rings and seals.

Sprayer for Roundup

Chapin Liquid De-ice Backpack Sprayer 61808

Perfect for applying liquid deice products before and during a snowfall or ice storm. Chapin model 61808

Chapin Deice and Pretreat Backpack Sprayer 61808

Chapin Acid Staining Sprayers

For Construction and Industrial uses. Up to 60% acid solutions.

Chapin Acid Sprayer

Replacement Parts and Accessories for Chapin Sprayers

Replacement Parts and Accessories for Chapin Backpack Sprayers and Sprayers including Boom Assemblies and Replacement Backpack Straps.

Chapin Sprayer Parts

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Chapin 100lb Salt and Icemelt Spreader - 82108

Professional Series 82108 with Metal Gears, Stainless Steel frame and 100 lb hopper capacity


Brine Maker 250 Gallon

Make your own brine with salt and water. Turbo Turf 250 gal brine maker


Thermo Heated Hose

These Thermo Heated Hoses are NOT FDA Approved for Human drinking water. Hoses must be detached when water is not flowing.

Heated Hose

Maple Sugaring - Tapping Your Trees

Metal Bucket Starter Kit contains 3 Aluminum Buckets, 3 Metal Lids, a Maple Sugaring at Home Book, 3 Spiles, 3 Hooks, a Drill Bit and Cheesecloth for filtering.


100 Gal Unifit Electric De-Icing Applicator

100 Gal Electric Ice Control Sprayer


Earthway 2130 - for Salt or Ice Melt

The Earthway High Output Walk Behind Spreader 2130 for Spreading Salt and Ice Melt
Also good for Spreading Compost and Top Dressing.

Top Dresser & Compost Spreader


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