Construction and Industrial Supply

Rittenhouse has a long history in the custom-manufacturing sector along with supplying top-quality products to the oil and gas, mining and construction industries. Rittenhouse products are also on "active duty" with both the Canadian and American Military.

We pride ourselves in offering a quick turnaround time. We understand the value of getting a product right when you need it most.

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Concrete, Masonry, Construction Sprayers

Construction Sprayers

Concrete and Masonry Sprayers

Sprayers by Application

Multi-Purpose and Utility Pumps

Jet Pumps

Hand Pumps - Multi-Purpose

Sump and Sewage Pumps, Submersible / Self Priming

Flow Meters

Lawn Sprinkler Pumps - Jet and Self Priming

Gas Powered Transfer Pumps

Electric Powered Transfer Pumps

Water Transfer Pumps by Application

Rittenhouse Industrial Pumps

Udor Industrial Plunger Pumps

Udor Industrial Diaphragm Pumps

Udor Industrial Hydraulic Driven Plunger Pumps

Hypro Industrial Pumps

Industrial Unloaders

Earth Anchor Systems

American Earth Anchor Penetrator

Duckbill Earth Anchor

The Claw Earth Anchor

Pressure Washer Pumps and Accessories

General Pump / Interpump Pressure Wash Pumps

Udor Plunger Pump Repair Kits

Pressure Wash Parts & Accessories


Turbo Turf - 500 Harv-E Hydro Seeding System

Turbo Turf HS-150 Skid Mounted Hydro Seeding System

Turbo Turf HS-300 XPW Skid Mounted Hydro Seeding System

Turbo Turf HS-750 XPW Skid Mounted Hydro Seeding System

Turbo Turf HS-100 P Trailer Hydro Seeding System

Turbo Turf HS-100 Skid Mounted Hydro Seeding System

Turbo Turf HS-50 P Trailer Mounted Hydro Seeding System

Turbo Turf HS-50 Skid Mounted Hydro Seeding System

Turbo Turf HS-500 EH Skid Mounted Hydro Seeding System

Turbo Turf HS-500 XPW Skid Mounted Hydro Seeding System

Turbo Turf HS-300 EH Skid Mounted Hydro Seeding System

Tools for Hardscaping

Decorative Concrete

Bon Tools

Utility Tools

Overland Carts

Hydrostatic Pumping Systems

Hypro D30 Pump (also known as the AR 30 ) 9910-D30

Hypro D50 Diaphragm Pump

Hypro D503 and Hypro D503GRGI

Hypro D813 Diaphragm Pump / Tree Spray Pump

Hypro D1064 Diaphragm Pump

Hypro Diaphragm Pump D1516

Hypro 5210C Piston Pump | 5210C-H

Hypro 4001 Series Roller Pump

Hypro 4101 Series Roller Pump

Hypro Pump D403 and D403GRGI

Hypro Diaphragm Pump D1265

Hoses, Hose Nozzles & Accessories

Hose fittings & clamps


Hose Nozzles


Plumbing Components & Fittings

Brass Fittings - plumbing components

Galvanized Fittings

Stainless Steel Fittings

Camlocks/Quick Disconnects

Ball Valves / Gate Valves / Faucets

Nylon/Poly Fittings

Swivel Fittings - Spray Gun, Hose, Connectors, etc

Kochek Aluminum Irrigation Hex Adapters, Couplers, Caps and Plugs

Powerblanket Industrial Heater Pouch

Powerblanket Hot Pocket

HeatTrak Heated Mats

HeatTrak Heated Walkway Mat

HeatTrak Heated Stair Mats

Hotflake Premium Mats

Hotflake Premium Snow Melting Mats

Banjo Liquid Handling Products

Banjo Polypropylene Bolted Ball Valves

Banjo 3 Way Poly Ball Valves - Bottom and Side Load

Banjo Single Union Polypropylene Ball Valve

Banjo Polypropylene Cam Lever Couplings 1 inch

Banjo Polypropylene Cam Lever Couplings 1 1/2 inches

Banjo Polypropylene Cam Lever Couplings 2 inches

BANJO Manifold 2 inch Full Port Y Strainer

BANJO Manifold 3 inch Line Y Strainer

Trigger Valves - Spray Guns

GunJet Spray Gun Model AA23L

TeeJet AA30 GunJet Spray Gun

Telescoping Wash and Spray Wand

Pressure Wash Gun G85L Linear

Pressure Wash Gun RL26

Pressure Wash Gun G250VA

Pressure Wash Gun ST1500

Watering & Dust Control Equipment

Trailed Sprayer - Low Pressure 900 Litre (240 US Gal)

Trailed Sprayer - High Pressure 900 Litre (240 US Gal)

Water Caddy

12 Volt Watering Kit

Truck Mount Watering & Firefighting Systems

Skid Mount Turf Sprayer - Diaphragm Pump - 900 Litre (240 US Gal)

Skid Mount Liquid Dust Control / Anti-Icing Unit 200 Gallon

Trailer Mounted 500 Gallon Tank

Compact Dust Control / De-Icing Unit for Utility Vehicles 375L / 100 USG

Dust Control / De-icing Unit Spray Bar Option

Dust Control / De-Icing Liquid Pump / Motor / Spray Boom Kit

Gas Lawn / Water Spray Unit 375 Litre ( 100 US Gal)

Skid Mount 12 Volt Watering System

Hose Reels





Fire Fighting

Fire Fighting Kits

Fire Pumps

Fire Hose and Adapters

Fire Fighting Nozzles

Hand Pumps, Backpacks, and Vests

Firefighting Tools and Accessories

Fire Fighting Hose Reels

Rescue Reels

Equipment Locks

Lesco Bulk and Ice Melt Spreader

Combination Key Safe

Container Ramps - set of two

Wheel to Pedal Lock

Backhoe Lock

Cargo Door Lock

E-Series Skidsteer Lock - Lock One Drive

Excavator Lock

Heavy Duty Cargo Door Lock

Heavy Duty Wheel Lock - Boot Wheel Lock

Heavy Equipment Ball and Ring Trailer Hitch Lock

Job Site Office Door Lock

Skidsteer Lock - Lock Both Controls

Stabilizer Lock for Heavy Equipment

Locking Fuel Tank Cap

Rolling Door Lock

Cargo Door Lever Lock

Landing Gear Leg Lock

Cushion Tire Lift Lock

Cut Off Saw Parts

Dolmar Cut Off Saw Parts

Husqvarna Cut Off Saw Parts

ICS Cut Off Saw Parts

Makita Cut Off Saw Parts

Olympyk Cut Off Saw Parts

Partner Cut Off Saw Parts

Red Line Cut Off Saw Parts

Stihl Cut Off Saw Parts

Wacker Cut Off Saw Parts

Starter Rope and Fuel Line

Reduction Gearboxes for Cut-Off Saws

Concrete Trowel Machine Replacement Parts

Replacement Trowel Blades

Replacement Trowel Engines

Replacement Tamper Parts

GPI Oil, Fuel and Chemical Pumps & Meters

GPI Chemical Pumps

GPI Flow Meters for Chemicals

GPI Oil Meters

GPI Oil Pumps

GPI Electronic Digital Fuel Meters

GPI Electronic Pumps - 12 Volt and 24 Volt

GPI Electronic Pumps - 115 Volt and 230 Volt

GPI General Purpose Meters

GPI Mechanical Fuel Meters

GPI 12 Volt Pump and Meter Combo

GPI Aviation Refueling Pumps and Meters

GPI Aviation Refueling Pump and Meter Combos

GPI Hand Pumps

GPI DEF Pumps, Meters and Accessories

GPI Ethanol E85 Pump

GPI Methanol Pumps and Meters

Dust Control - Watering Tools

Kochek NZ009 and NZ016 Firefighting and Irrigation Nozzles

NZ022 Aluminum Flat Spray Nozzle

Kochek Full Time Swivels

Kochek Threaded Adapters

Kochek Ultralight High Pressure Irrigation Hose

Kochek High Volume Firefighting and Irrigation Nozzles- NZ012 and NZ015

Kochek NZ010 and NZ017 Firefighting and Irrigation Nozzle

Thermo Heated Hose

High Volume Lay Flat Hose

Everlasting Garden Hose by Gilmour

High Pressure Watering Hose

Quarter Turn Hose Couplings

Fire Hydrant Adaptors

Heavy Duty Hose Nozzle by Gilmour

Drenching Nozzle

Cool Shot Plus Drenching Nozzle

De-Icing Spray Gun / Wash Down Gun

Teejet Threaded Veejet Nozzles

Portable Heater Parts

Replacement Filters

Replacement Rotors

Miscellaneous Replacement Heater Parts

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 Featured Items

Chapin 100lb Salt and Icemelt Spreader - 82108

Professional Series 82108 with Metal Gears, Stainless Steel frame and 100 lb hopper capacity


Brine Maker 250 Gallon

Make your own brine with salt and water. Turbo Turf 250 gal brine maker


Thermo Heated Hose

These Thermo Heated Hoses are NOT FDA Approved for Human drinking water. Hoses must be detached when water is not flowing.

Heated Hose

Maple Sugaring - Tapping Your Trees

Metal Bucket Starter Kit contains 3 Aluminum Buckets, 3 Metal Lids, a Maple Sugaring at Home Book, 3 Spiles, 3 Hooks, a Drill Bit and Cheesecloth for filtering.


100 Gal Unifit Electric De-Icing Applicator

100 Gal Electric Ice Control Sprayer


Earthway 2130 - for Salt or Ice Melt

The Earthway High Output Walk Behind Spreader 2130 for Spreading Salt and Ice Melt
Also good for Spreading Compost and Top Dressing.

Top Dresser & Compost Spreader


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