Backyard Compost and Soil Thermometer

Ideally suited for monitoring interior temperatures of your compost bin.

(FG20P) Backyard Compost Thermometer

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Detailed Description

The Backyard Compost and Soil Thermometer is ideally suited for measuring interior temperatures of your compost pile or garden soil. Our standard model comes with a temperature range of 0 to 200 degree F, 20" long stainless steel stem with a pointed tip for easy insertion.

Maintaining an optimal temperature in your compost pile is an important factor in the successful breakdown of the organic material. Monitoring the temperature of your compost pile will tell you when it is time to turn the pile. It is time to turn the pile as the temperature of the pile drops down to about 90 degrees F. 

In garden and turfgrass applications, the Backyard Compost Thermometer is used to determine the temperature of the soil at planting time. Some annuals resent "cold feet", they will just sit and pout. Most grasses will not germinate at a soil temperature below 55 degrees F, thereby not effectively utilizing fertilizer before it reaches proper soil temperature. The fertilizer will then become a runoff problem.

** Like all instruments, the Backyard Compost Thermometer should not be dropped or left in the compost or soil for extended lengths of time.

Rugged all stainless construction 
Plastic lens 
20" pointed stem for easy insertion 
Easy-to-read 1 3/4" diameter dial; weighs less than .25 lbs
Very accurate (+1% of scale) 
0 to 200 degree F standard temperature range 
1 Year Warranty
Easy Composting Guide Included

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