Lesco Fertilizer Spreader - 101186 High Wheel

Lesco Fertilizer Spreader. The choice of professional landscapers and the industry standard spreader.

The 101186 Lesco High Wheel Fertilizer with Deflector. Cover is not included

(101186) Lesco High Wheel Fertilizer Spreader with Manual Deflector kit

Cover not included
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(092128) Lesco Hopper Cover (formerly #60099)

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(92455) Manual Deflector - replacement for 060087 and 706304

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(2004519) Remote Deflector for Lesco or Cub Cadet Spreader

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(15150) Calibration Box for Spreaders

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(709915) Lesco Extension Hopper Kit

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(091186) Lesco High Wheel Fertilizer Spreader- no longer available replaced by 101186


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(92456) Lesco Remote Deflector and Third Hole Kit - no longer available


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Detailed Description

The Lesco Fertilizer Spreader (Lesco is now part of John Deere Landscapes) is the industry standard for spreaders with its all stainless steel frame. Widely heralded as the best fertilizer spreader on the market, it is the first choice in the landscaping and lawn care community.

Features such as an 80lb hopper, and an enclosed gearbox with a 5 to 1 gear ratio are among the details that have made this spreader the choice of professionals everywhere.

  • Adjustable handle for ease of use by operators of all sizes can be mounted in three positions.
  • Use the Lesco / John Deere Landscapes Spreader in the winter with salt or small particle ice melt material to prevent unnecessary accidents.
  • Large cam-operated impeller for effective agitation.
  • Stainless steel frame, axle, impeller shaft and on/off assembly for extended wear and durability.
  • Unique cam-operated oscillating agitator sweeps beyond hole openings in both directions to help eliminate product bridging and minimize product damage.
  • Shutoff plate features pattern-adjustment slide for even distribution of a variety of products.
  • Lesco Spreaders have oversized tires for increased stability, reduced rutting and easier product application on taller, thicker grasses.
  • Overall width 25"
  • Some assembly required, instructions included.

Optional Accessories for the 091186 and 101186 Lesco Spreader (for more detailed descriptions and pictures see Related Products below)

Spreader Cover (92128) minimizes any fertilizer dust getting out and moisture getting in.

Manual Deflector (92455) the lever to operate this deflector is located on the frame at the base of the hopper. You need to stop to engage the deflector.

Lesco Remote Deflector and Third Hole Shutoff (92456) the levers to operate the deflector and the 3rd hole shutoff are located on the handle assembly for easy access while pushing the spreader. You can engage the deflector or 3rd hole kit while in motion.

Remote Deflector for Lesco or Cub Cadet (2004519) the lever is located at the spreader handle. You can engage the deflector while in motion, no need to stop.

Calibration Box (15150) measures your output to ensure an accurate spread rate.

Lesco Extension Hopper Kit (709915) to increase your hopper capacity to 100lbs.

Lesco, now part of John Deere Landscapes.

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Cub Cadet 80# Rotary Spreader

The Cub Cadet walk behind Rotary Spreader has a polyethylene 80LB capacity hopper. Made in the USA.


Parts for Lesco Spreader 091186 and 101186

complete parts list for Lesco 091186


Manual Deflector Kit for Lesco High Wheel Spreaders 021820, 705699, 091186, 092807

Deflector for Lesco High Wheel Fertilizer Spreader Model Number 021820. Excellent for use around driveways, pools and ponds.


Lesco Hopper Cover

Protects operator from fertilizer dust and keeps your fertilizer dry. Lesco Spreader Hopper Cover.


Remote Deflector / Third Hole Kit for Lesco High Wheel Spreader Model 021820, 705699, 091186

No longer available, see Cub Cadet Remote Deflector for a replacement. Deflector for Lesco High Wheel Fertilizer Spreader Model Number 91186, 705699 and 021820. Excellent for use around driveways, pools and ponds. Remote lever at spreader handle.


Remote Deflector for Lesco High Wheel and Cub Cadet Spreader Models

Deflector for Lesco High Wheel Fertilizer Spreader Model Numbers 705699, 091186 and 101186 and Cub Cadet #80 walk behind. Excellent for use around driveways, pools and ponds. Remote lever at spreader handle.


Lesco Calibration Box for Spreaders

Attach to your hopper to accurately determine your spread rate


Spreader Caddy - Spreader Holder Hitch Mount

Choice of two Hitch Mounted Fertilizer Spreader Holder / Caddies - the standard Lesco and the heavier duty version manufactured by Rittenhouse


Foam Marker for Fertilizer Spreaders

Helps eliminate streaking for even fertilization every time. Avoid overlapping of chemical, with this simple application of dish soap.


Optional Remote Third Hole Shut-Off for Lesco High Wheel Spreader

Close the third hole on your Lesco High Wheel Spreader Quickly and Easily


Lesco Agitator Kit # 092463

This kit repairs the Agitator in the 091186 Spreader by Lesco


Fertilizer Dispenser / Backpack Applicator - Fertil Dispenser

The Fertilizer Dispenser is the best fertilizer applicator for Tree Nurseries, Container plants, fruit and vegetable growing and flowering plants and shrubs.


Replacement Impeller Shaft & Gear Kit for Lesco High Wheel Spreader

Use this kit for your Lesco High Wheel Spreaders model 021820 or 705699.


Lesco Spreader and Gearbox Repair Kits

Lesco Spreader Repair Kits available to repair or replace common wear parts


Salvarani Mini-Marker Foam Marker for Push Spreaders

Mini-Marker attaches to your walk behind fertilizer spreaders or sprayers.


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