Squall Wall Nozzles and Squall Wall Nozzles with Double Female Connectors - 15 gpm, 30 gpm, and 50 gpm

The Squall Wall Nozzle is great for any professional firefighter. This simple and easy hose attachment creates a wall of water to battle oncoming fires.

(4056-15) Squall Wall Nozzle - 15 gpm - male thread

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(4056-30) Squall Wall Nozzle - 30 gpm - male thread

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(4056-50) Squall Wall Nozzle - 50 gpm - male thread

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(4056-15F) Squall Wall Nozzle with Double Female Connector - 15 gpm

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(4056-30F) Squall Wall Nozzle with Double Female Connector - 30 gpm

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(4056-50F) Squall Wall Nozzle with Double Female Connector - 50 gpm

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Detailed Description

The Scotty Squall Wall Nozzles are a simple-to-use hose attachment that creates a wall of water to protect structures from encroaching fires. The Squall Wall is also perfect for safety zone protection from a burn-over, wetting down helicopter landing pads, wetting for dust control and creating a barrier for protecting crews and apparatus in a fire flashover. When the Scotty Squall Wall is connected to a water supply hose, the angled ramp within the unit directs the water flow up through the opening vent. The unit can be secured to the ground with a spike, pre-attach it to a plywood plate or permanently mount it on rooftops, gantries and in trees. This Squall Wall is extremely durable and corrosion resistant, as it is made in a bright florescent yellow, glass-reinforced nylon (Ny-Glass). Also comes in different flow rates and with double female connectors.

  • 15 GPM, 30 GPM and 50 GPM flow rates
  • Designed for pressures between 50 and 125 psi
  • Creates a wall of water 40' wide and 20' high
  • Available in 1.5 inch male of female threads
  • Useable with all fire foam concentrates
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