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Distinguish your vista with a topiary touch. These wire topiary frames act as the skeleton for your topiary animal or topiary tree. Select a form that catches your eye, and quickly become immersed in this prestigious gardening tradition.

Each of these frames is hand woven of durable steel, and double coated with epoxy to discourage rust. Many of the larger forms are designed in two pieces to allow easy access to the interior. Each topiary - wire form - comes with or without Sphagnum moss growing medium. Sphagnum moss is generally regarded as the best performing substrate due to its homogeneity and ability to absorb air and water with great efficiency.

Growing topiary on a prefabricated wire form will help catapult you into action, saving you time by eliminating frustration. If you are a novice with topiary, you can more easily get involved with this rewarding hobby without the need to design forms, or bend wires. Experts can save time as well, by using these forms whenever they require a commonly available shape.

Regardless of your skill level, there are myriad options available to you when you have a topiary frame. You could save time by placing the topiary form over top of a shrub or bush, and trimming the bush to the form. Similarly, you could train vines to grow over your form. Alternatively, you could grow many different types of plants into the moss substrate in an effort to create varying colors and textures mirroring those found in the actual creatures. In fact, you can use your topiary frame even in winter without any plants at all. Indoors, topiary frames can be used as part of a table setting - add pinecones, a wreath, and some ribbon - voila, instant decoration. You could also use the frame as a container for a gift basket: - Place satchels of your favorite tea inside of a topiary teapot frame.

Lead a stranger through your fantastic garden with a cast of topiary characters. Guard your gardenias with a tyrannosaurus or brighten your porch with a playful poodle. Topiary can also be used to accent water features. Imagine a flowering flamingo flirting with a tuteur turtle! Add warmth and enchantment to your own secret garden with a topiary deer. Topiary does not have to live in the garden. Potted topiary adds an elegant touch to a terrace or balcony without sacrificing space - Imagine a monkey hanging onto a deck post, or a graceful green slipper on a backyard table. Greet your guests with an intriguing form while they wait at the front door, purr-haps with a kitten! In addition, topiary forms make excellent gifts for parents and relatives who have the enthusiasm and patience that this art form requires.

Those who participate in this historic gardening tradition often begin with a desire to challenge themselves seeking the exclusivity associated with topiary. Ultimately, they are rewarded with the satisfaction that comes from engaging their creative faculties and expressing their individuality.

  • Includes instructional video
  • Dozens of forms to choose from
  • Comes with or without Sphagnum moss
  • 2-part construction allows easy access to interior.
  • Wire form for Topiary
  • Sorry,we can not create custom designed topiaries.

Topiary Forms - in stock & ready to ship


Heron Topiary Frame

Elephant Topiary Frame

Topiary Hanging Spheres - Balls

Topiary Farm Animals / Topiary House Pets

Cat Sitting Topiary - kitten

Horse Topiary Frame

Cow Topiary Frame

Pig Topiary Frame

Rooster Topiary Frame

Rooster Topiary Frame (Metal)

Turtle Topiary Frame

Cat (Laying) Topiary Frame

Frog Topiary Frame

Bumble Bee Topiary

Cat (Walking) Topiary Frame

Deer Topiary Frame

Doe Topiary Frame

Donkey Topiary Frame

Duck Topiary Frame

Rabbit (Hopping) Topiary Frame

Rabbit (Standing) Topiary Frame - IN STOCK

Squirrel Topiary Frame

Wild/Zoo Animal Topiary Frames & Forms

Alligator Topiary Frame

Deer Topiary Frame

Monkey Topiary Frame

Bear (Standing) Topiary Frame

Doe Topiary Frame

Elephant Topiary Frame

Fox Topiary Frame

Giraffe Topiary Frame

Lion Topiary Frame

Matilda (Kangaroo) Topiary Frame

Rabbit (Hopping) Topiary Frame

Rabbit (Standing) Topiary Frame - IN STOCK

Moose Topiary Frame

Funky Monkey Topiary

Horse Topiary Frame

Other Interesting Topiary Frames

Pyramid Topiary Frame and Tuteur

Teddy Bear (Sitting) Topiary - Special order

Teacup Topiary

Gargoyle Topiary Frame

Snail Topiary Frame

Slipper Topiary Frame

Teapot Topiary Frame

Fish & Sea Creatures

Frog Topiary Frame

Nessie Topiary Frame

Turtle Topiary Frame

Dolphin Topiary Frame

Alligator Topiary Frame

Seahorse Topiary Frame

Birds / Insects

Heron Topiary Frame

Flamingo Topiary Frame

Dragonfly Topiary Frame

Rooster Topiary Frame (Metal)

Bumble Bee Topiary

Butterfly Topiary Frame

Duck Topiary Frame

Swan Topiary Frame

Topiary Tools - Maintenance

Bahco Hedge Shears - P51

Bahco Pruning Knife - P20

Bahco Super Light Hedge Shears - P54 Series

Bahco Light Weight Snips - P129

Fiskars Micro Tip Pruning Snip

Fiskars Garden Multi Snip

Solo 415 Spritzer Handheld Sprayer

Burgon & Ball Topiary Shears and Holsters

Topiary Dogs - Gone to the Dogs - Topiary Forms

Beagle Topiary

Bichon Frise Dog Topiary Frame

Pointer Topiary

Yorkie Topiary

Dachshund Topiary Frame

German Shepherd Sitting - Mossed or Frame

Corgi Topiary

Golden Retriever Topiary

Bulldog Topiary

Pug Topiary

Schnauzer Topiary Frame

Bassett Hound Topiary

Boston Terrier Topiary

Westie Topiary

Bull Terrier Topiary

Scottie Dog Topiary Frame

Chihuahua Topiary Frame

Poodle Topiary Frame

Cocker Spaniel Topiary Frame

Airedale Dog Topiary

Boxer Topiary Frame

Cavalier (Sitting) Topiary Frame

Doberman Topiary Frame

Jack Russell Topiary Frame

Labrador Retriever Topiary Frame

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