Hudson Sprayers & Green Garde Applicators

Rittenhouse carries a number of sprayers and applicators by Hudson.

H.D. Hudson'sbackpack and hand can sprayers are trusted by hobby gardeners and professionals the world over. From the smallest handheld atomizing applicators to the larger backpack and powered units quality is a watchword with Hudson products.

Industrial and Construction grade materials are often applied with Hudson's line of Industro and Constructo sprayers.

Hudson makes sprayers work with organic materials, compost tea and regular household spray too!

Hudson's atomizers and foggers are often used by green house professionals for the control of flying pests such as whitefly and thrip. Even camp-ground and estate owners use the Hudson for Mosquito control. Universally the best sprayers.

H.D. Hudson Spray Equipment
Applicators and Sprayers by Hudson

Hudson NeverPump Bak-Pak Sprayer

Sprays 10 continuous hours on a single charge. It has an extra large mouth for filling chemical = less spillage and waste.


HD Hudson 18539 Bak-Pak Duster Sprayer and Mist Blower

Hudson Bak-Pak disperses granular fertilizer and pest control products


HD Hudson 18537 Bak-Pak Power Sprayer

Hudson Power Sprayer with 1 HP engine for agricultural and pest control applications


Solo - Hudson 93425 and 93475 Backpack Sprayer

These are backpack sprayers manufactured for Hudson by Solo.

Solo Hudson 93425 sprayer

Professional Bak-Pak for Hudson by Solo

The Solo 93425 Backpack Sprayer features a rugged high-density polyethylene tank and Viton seals.


Hudson Super Sprayer

The Hudson Super Sprayer can be used in general or commercial applications, its components are built to stand up against a multitude of harsh products.


Hudson Pressurized Portable Water Supply Tank

This portable water supply tank is pressurized by hand pumping. A good source of water for cooling, lubricating & dust suppression. 4 US gallon capacity. Excellent tool for interior landscapers or when using concrete & paving saws.

Hudson Portable Water Supply:  This water tank acts as a portable water supply on the job-site.

Hudson Commercial Wheeled Porta-Spray Wheeled Spray Wagon 92130

3 Gallon Porta-Spray Wheeled Spray Wagon. Tow this sprayer around the yard by its handle instead of carrying one on your shoulder or back.


Foam-a-Matic Weed Sprayer by Hudson

This sprayer is ideal for applying spray foam on waxy leaf and other hard to kill weed surfaces.


Hudson Pumpless Sprayer - Classic Plus PumpLess

2 gallon sprayer that pressurizes with a garden hose, or you can choose to pump manually.


Hudson Curing Compound Sprayer | De Icer Sprayer

This sprayer is designed from the ground up for spraying concrete curing compounds.

Hudson Curing Compound Sprayer:  a great tool for spraying concrete curing compounds.

Hudson Industro Galvanized Steel Sprayer

Use the 3.5 Gallon, Hudson Industro Galvanized Steel Sprayer for all your construction and concrete curing compound needs

Galvanized Industro Sprayer by Hudson.  3.5 Gallons of rough tough spraying thick stuff Sprayer

Hudson Portable Sprayer

Ideal for pesticides, cement curing compounds, disinfectants, and liquid de-icer.

Sprayer - can be used for many tasks.

Hudson Ultra-Low Volume Sprayer

A true ultra low volume sprayer, this motorized backpack sprayer controls pests effectively with less pesticide and labour. High-volume stream drives micron size droplets, covering a path up to 75 feet wide and 50 feet high.

Hudson Ultra Low-Volume Sprayer:  control pests with less pesticide.

Atomist Sprayer

Atomist hand held sprayer. Ideal for mosquito and insect control in greenhouses, garden centers and home properties.

Atomist Sprayer:  this hand held sprayer atomizes its contents to deliver a fine mist.

Hudson Atomist Electric Fogger - ULV

ULV Electric Fogger: This atomizer throws material up to 15 in 10-46 micron droplets. Kill Mosquitoes!

ULV Electric Fogger:  This atomizer throws material up to 13.5 in 22-46 micron sized droplets for optimal surface coverage.

Hudson Trombone Sprayer

A hand-powered tree and shrub Sprayer. Sprays up from 20 to 25 feet high. Excellent for control of Gypsy Moths.

Easy to use. Hand powered tree and shrub sprayer.

Multi-Use Atomizer

Works like an aerosol spray can, but is reusable. No cord or hose limitations.

Hudson Multi-Use Atomizer:  this hand held sprayer works like an aerosol spray can, but is reusable.

Hudson Chameleon Hose End Sprayer

Hudson Chameleon Hose End Sprayer is a no mix applicator for liquid herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. The unused spray material in the bottle can be put back in the original container.

Chameleon No Mix Sprayer for Appling Liquid Pesticides.

HD Hudson Ranger Fire Pump Bak-Pak Sprayer

Stainless Steel tank for forestry and grass fires. 5 gallon capacity


Propane Insect Fogger

The Propane Insect Fogger is simple and convenient to use. It can be effective for hours against mosquitoes, black flies, moths and flies.

Propane Insect Fogger:  this insect fogger kills mosquitos, black flies, moths, and flies.

Green Garde JD9-C Spray Gun - JD9C

Top of the line tree, shrub and flower spray gun is very durable.

Top of the line tree and shrub gun.

201-RF Root Feeder for JD9 Spray Gun - Chemlance

Hudson rootfeeder attachment for JD9-C guns. Root-feed with Green Garde Gun.

Hudson Rootfeeder for the JD9-C spray gun, used by landscapers everywhere.

Greensmaster JD9-C Spray Gun

Greensmaster JD9-C spray gun is a Taiwanese copy of the Green Garde JD9-C spray gun.


JD9-C Gun Tips & Extension Wand Adapter - JD9C

Nozzles and adapters for JD9-C.

Nozzles for the JD9-C spray gun

Backpack Sprayer Accessories

A selection of accessories designed for backpack sprayers.


Hudson Ranger Fire Pump Bak-Pak Sprayer

A backpack sprayer with a stainless steel, 5 gallon tank. Perfect for grass fires or forest fires.


Hudson Hand Sprayer 69101

1 Liter Hand Pump Sprayer with translucent tank and adjustable spray pattern


Hudson Weed n Bug Eliminator Hand Can Sprayer

An economical light duty sprayer with 3 gallon capacity and adjustable cone nozzle


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