Lesco 50 LB Push Spreader - 092807

Lesco Fertilizer Spreader 50LB Hopper Capacity

50LB Push Spreader by Lesco with enclosed gearbox

(092807) Lesco 50LB Push Spreader

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(092468) Lesco Hopper Cover for 50LB Spreader

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(92455) Manual Deflector - replacement for 060087 and 706304

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(92456) Lesco Remote Deflector and Third Hole Kit - no longer available


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(092470) Lesco Hopper Extension for 50LB Spreader

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Detailed Description

Lesco Walk Behind Spreader with a 50 LB hopper capacity and enclosed gearbox to protect gear system from dust and debris.

- 50lb hopper capacity
- Powder coated carbon steel frame
- same operation as the popular Lesco 80LB Spreader

The spreader cover minimizes any fertilizer dust getting out and moisture getting in. For working in a residential setting, it also demonstrates a greater degree of care for their environment.

As a result of our experience with professional landscapers and lawn care specialists, Rittenhouse suggests you consider purchasing this spreader with the remote deflector option.

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