Earthway M80 12-Volt 250-LBS Spreader

M80 Earthway Spreader, 12-Volt, 250-Pound capacity, Big Hopper Spreader for Fertilizer, Ice Melt and Other Granular Material

The M80 Spreader by Earthway is 12-Volt with a 250 Pound Capacity for Granular Fertilizer

(M80) Earthway M80 12-Volt 250-LBS Spreader

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(77009) Earthway Motor Speed Control for M40 and M80

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Detailed Description

Manual for the M80 12-Volt Earthway Broadcast Spreader - Installation, Parts and Service (click to download)

The M80 Broadcast Spreader by Earthway features a big hopper for your granular spreading needs. Lawn Care Professionals and Golf Course superintendents agree that spreading fertilizer from an ATV or golf cart is easier and more efficient than using a push behind spreader. This spreader can be mounted into the bed of your four-wheel drive vehicle or secured horizontally or vertically to any surface capable of holding a 500-LBS weight. Bed mount allows for installation into the Carry all 1 Utility Cart. The rain cover is included with this spreader.

^^^The custom bed mount above is not available.^^^
It is an example of a frame you would need to fabricate yourself.

Spreader comes fully assembled. Just mount it and go. The picture on the left shows the dimensions of the stainless steel frame that comes on the spreader. The picture on the right is an example of a frame made by a customer to support said spreader frame by the vertical struts at the rear of the spreader. For commercial and professional lawn care, turf maintenance and landscape personnel this spreader is up to the job. The ESS remotely operated shut-off by Earthway allows the operator to open and close the hopper shut off, from the seat of the vehicle, with the touch of a switch

  • Rain cover is included with the Earthway M80
  • Hopper can hold 250-LBS.
  • Easy wash out port for quicker clean up
  • High Volume 6750 cubic inches
  • Mounting system is easy to install to the sides or bottom of your utility vehicle
  • The super duty Stainless Steel chassis wrap around bumpers
  • Adjustable, Dual Port shut off, Ev-N-Spred is heavy duty and aids in even distribution of Fertilizers, Ice Melts and other granular products
  • 12-Volt motor is protected in a thermo-plastic case for long life. The motor is in the hopper
  • Wiring harness and switches are also coated to be weather resistant
  • Remotely operated shut off
  • Impeller should be removed for heavy material like Ice Melt
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