Common Parts and Accessories for SP Systems Sprayers

Many different parts that will fit ALL of the SP sprayers. These parts also fit most Swissmex sprayers

SP4KITW099SD - SP Systems 110 Degree Spray Shield.

(SWKITW099-SD) SP Systems 110 Degree Spray Shield-Now Black

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(SWKITW117-SD) SP Systems Windcone - white


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(SWKIT22) SP 20 Brass Spray Wand

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(SWKIT271A) PVC wand and acid fittings

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(SWKIT29) SP Systems (Swissmex) 26.5 extension wand, use with SWKIT35A


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(SWKITW420-EB) SP Systems (Swissmex) 3 nozzle spray boom


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(SWKIT18F) Complete spray pistol w/built in filter & grip

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(SWKIT24) SP Systems (Swissmex) Spray nozzle holder

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(SWKIT25) SP Systems (Swissmex) Adjustable Conejet Spray Nozzle

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(SWKIT35A) SP Systems (Swissmex) Connector for Spray Wands & extension tubes

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(SWKITW098-EB) 2 Nozzle Lawn Spray Boom for Backpack Sprayers

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Detailed Description

Many options from which to choose. These kits will fit any SP Systems sprayer. Brass wands, trigger, nozzles, windcones, caps and adaptors.

The Yellow Drift shield is designed to help protect surrounding plants from spray and works extremely well with the Contractor's Backpack Sprayer available through Sears by Rittenhouse.  Many of these parts are also on the SP and Swissmex sprayers sold through Home Depot, Lowes and other major US retailers.

Number 5 (kit420EB) in the picture above is a 3 nozzle boom. This is an excellent addition to a SP sprayer if you want to use it for spraying weed control products on turf grass. The boom includes the nozzles and fits on your existing Swissmex brass wand.

Number 8 (SPKit25) is the adjustable brass conejet nozzle. This nozzle is shipped with some Swissmex sprayers. It can spray a pencil stream or out into a mist or anywhere in between.

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Extension Wand for SP Systems Backpack 66 1/2

Extension wand for SP series backpack sprayers. Wand is 66 1/2 in length.


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