Snow Roof Rake

Extruded Aluminum 16 snow roof rake with 4 attachment for handle extension.

Lightweight aluminum head, clears the snow off your roof.

(96322) Roof Snow Rake incl 4ft extension

end of season clearance!
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(96701) Snow Roof Rake Shingle Saver

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Detailed Description

Extruded Aluminum 16' roof rake. OUR CUSTOMERS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THIS!

Optional Shingle Saver is available. This entails a black plastic strip that goes over the edge of the blade of the Snow Roof Rake. The Snow Roof Rake with Shingle Saver is also used to help remove snow from solar panels. If you already have one of our Snow Roof Rakes then this Shingle Saver will fit on it too!

  • Remove snow off your roof from the ground in order to prevent damage due to heavy snow loads.
  • Blade is angled slightly from handle for better snow handling.
  • This is the best all-aluminum snow rake on the market.
  • The Snow Roof Rake has a 22" aluminum head with a four-piece snap-pin handle with a 5" vinyl grip.
  • Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty

Owning a Snow Roof Rake and clearing the snow from the safety of the ground is preferred to climbing up on your slippery roof, for obvious reasons. Buy your Snow Roof Rake today! Makes a great gift for people on your Christmas gift list who are hard to buy gifts for.

Snow Roof Rake

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