Lesco H.P.S./HPSurfer - a Ride on Spreader by Lesco

Reduce fatigue, increase production, with this Ride on Spreader by Lesco. Cover over 100,000 sq. ft in production per hour. Rittenhouse Sprayer Option available.

Lesco H.P.S Ride On Spreader reduces fatigue and increases production.
The user-friendly Lesco Ride On Spreader.

(092151) Lesco H.P.S. - a Ride on Spreader 99574000 (was # 709157)

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Detailed Description

Reduce fatigue and increase production with this hydrostatic drive Ride-on Spreader by Lesco. You can cover over 100,000 sq. ft in production per hour.

The Lesco HPSurfer Ride On Spreader is User-friendly - just squeeze handles for forward or reverse.

  • Width 35" Length 58", can drive up ramps into the back of a trailer easily.
  • 6 HP Subaru engine
  • Fan cooled transmission
  • Very user friendly - squeeze handles for forward or reverse
  • 125 lb capacity hopper
  • Remote deflector incorporated
  • Third hole remote controls are incorporated
  • Wide floatation tires prevent rutting
  • 3.5 MPH consistent application speed
  • Hydrostatic drive.
  • Over 100,000 square feet of production per hour
  • Easy to operate, simple to maintain.
  • Unique cam operated oscillating agitator improves particle flow and will not damage product coating.

Please inquire at 1-800-461-1041 for shipping costs as this piece of equipment must be shipped by transport truck.

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