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Contributing Editor:
John A. Morley N.P.D., B.Sc.,  M.Sc.

The Duffer

by Ian Robinson



These are the articles published in the past by Ian Robinson in the Hort-Pro On-line Magazine

1) DUFFER ..singing the recession blues   April 2001

2) DUFFER ..the willies May 2001

3) DUFFER ..the matter with kids today June 2001

4) DUFFER .. forever young July 2001

5) DUFFER .. sun worshipping 101 Aug 2001

6) DUFFER .. the insanity of christmas Aug 2001

7) DUFFER ..the modern art of child rearing  Sept 2001

8) DUFFER wife at middle age Oct 2001

9) DUFFER ..let's not forget how to laugh Nov 2001

10) DUFFER ..of smart kids and survivor Jan 2002

11) DUFFER ..right about being wrong Feb 2002

12) DUFFER fairy tales Mar 2002














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